Sunday, February 19, 2012

I dated a shoplifter...

My husband is a truly terrific. 
An awesome husband, a fantastic father...first grade soccer coach.
A family man. A straight arrow.
However, he revealed something to me the other day that I found a bit surprising...

"I had a girlfriend when I was in the second grade. 
She was a shoplifter. She stole some men's cologne for me. It was really nice... the bottle was in the shape of a light bulb."

I can't believe my husband dated a seven year old shoplifter.  It begs a couple of questions...
What sort of a seven year old girl is capable of shoplifting cologne?
Just how impressive a little dude was Karl in 1972 to be the benefactor of such crime?
Where is the cologne thief now?
And finally...
Was the light bulb bottle concept appealing to anyone other then 7 year old girls? 

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