Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Brotherly Advice on Girls...

 My motley trio, Jamie, Henry, and Rosie, getting ready to deliver their Valentine roses to their friends and teachers at school this morning. 

Rosie couldn't wait to carry her flowers...
("I need to hooooold them, now!") 

But then used the pretty flowers as a tool to wack her brother in the head as he climbed past her to get to his seat in the van. 
I think that Rosie's roses were the only flowers used as nunchucks on this national day of love. 
Jamie loves Valentines day...for the past two years he has given each of the girls in his class a red rose. 
(He absolutely insists they be red, in his opinion, any other color rose is "kinda lame.")
He puts a lot of energy in building up his flower delivery event before February 14th, reminding all of the 3rd grade ladies...
"I'm going to give you a red rose on Valentines Day."
He very much wanted Henry to follow in his cupid footsteps but Henry isn't quite as comfortable with this open display of affection...
"Maybe I'll just give roses to my teachers, I don't want a girlfriend.
 I might want to be a priest when I grow up." 

(Henry, the young Presbyterian, has been exploring his options in the priesthood lately.) 

"Dude, you don't have to marry anyone, just give the girls ONE FLOWER on this ONE DAY because it makes them so happy."

And that is the very sound big brotherly advice from Jamie (age 9) to Henry (age 7) on this Valentine's morning.

Have a fantastic day- and be sure to extra kind and extra gentle to those you love, on this day especially.    


  1. This is priceless Aunt Maggie! I'm honored to have such smart little cousins.

  2. Thanks Alee- Happy Valentine's Day to you!