Friday, February 17, 2012

Wonder Woman at the Baptismal Font...

Q. Why is Mary dressed as Wonder Woman casually lounging about the baptismal font of Knox Presbyterian Church?
 A. She is being intentionally and dramatically super make a point about everyday heroism.

The youth in our church, under the remarkable direction of their fearless youth leaders, led the church service on Sunday and did a fabulous job of it. The focus of the service was "heroes." 
A few of the teenagers gave speeches about their personal heroes and some of the different heroic acts that they have witnessed from their fellow church members. They spoke from the heart- it was very inspirational and gave everyone in the congregation hope for our future leaders.

Mary and a couple of her friends, did a short skit instead. 
Their skit was inspirational in a different sort of way. 
It was a little surreal to see Wonder Woman Mary strutting about the pulpit during the "Time with Children" break during the service. While it seemed like she should feel a tiny bit out of place, she was quite confident and a bit brazen (as any superhero should be) as though she just parked her invisible Wonder-plane in the "first time visitor" parking spot while she ran into Knox to deliver a quick message.   
Wonder Woman and her Superhero friend Batman told the children that they were a bit weary of doing good deeds and saving the world and asked the children in the congregation if they could help them be undercover superheros- they all happily agreed.
As an aside...Mary's little sibs were extremely proud of their superhero big sister... you can see Henry, eyes up and riveted, in the red choir robe to the far right.
Here the kids are agreeing to be heroic in their own way....
"We will! We will! We all promise to be good and faithful undercover superheroes- you can count on us!"

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