Friday, February 10, 2012

Who's your Llama?

Our Lily has a love of  llamas. 
She doesn't know any on a personal level, but admires them from afar and thinks of them as very useful creatures with big soulful eyes.
Lil just turned eleven and thought that a llama party would be the best way to celebrate her big day. She decided that she wanted to raise enough money to buy a llama, not for herself (phew!) but for a family in Peru who would be more able to host and appreciate such a beast.
She planned a llama slumber party and asked her friends to make a donation to Heifer International instead of giving her birthday gifts. Her friends agreed that it was a great idea and gave generously to her llama fund. She was able to meet her goal of  $150 to buy an entire llama, (not just a share) and had $20 to spare. 
So she shopped on the Heifer website for the "cheapest livestock" and was able to add some chickens to her birthday llama.
 Rosie enjoyed (but was not so skilled at) playing pin the tail on the llama with the cool middle school girls. Please notice behind Rosie, the completely awesome llama by Karl G aka cool dad + creator of mighty fine llama silhouettes.   
These were the little llamas who came to us from Peru to serve as party favors. We found them at Lily's favorite place to shop for cool Peruvian llamas, Ten Thousand Villages.
The girls made their own llamas from yarn,  Popsicle sticks and googly eyes... it turns out the googly eyes are really essential in defining the personality of popsicle stick llamas.


  1. Great idea!!! And I just have to know, where in the world did you get the llama shirts? I know an almost 16 year old that would LOVE one!!


  2. Oh man, the llama party favors and popsic-llamas are ADORABLE! What a cool idea.